It’s always the same thing. A man in a suit, classic, enters a bank with a simple towel, leather, non-classical, shows discreetly his gun and leaves have plenty of money. Then the police swung into motion. Sirens, prosecution, testimony: the bank robber was elegant, polished. “And besides, he looked happy,” says a young cashier.

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In The Old Man and the Gun , a film based on a true story of David Lowery available starting today on Amazon prime video, Robert Redford, who will be honored at the next ceremony of Caesar, interprets, Forrest Tucker, a character real, who lived from 1920 to 2004. This gangster died in prison at the age of 84, not only was an ace of the cambriole, but also a prince of the run, with a good fifteen escapes to his credit.

Elegance humorous

The important thing is to stay calm. The start of this comedy is gentle. Redford, deflection is accomplished, takes the wheel, exchange of car, behind a wall, stops at the edge of a road to come to the aid of a conductive failure. While the police cars beyond them, a flirt is a draft between Forrest and Jewel (Sissy Spacek), a widow and owner of a ranch. On its activities, Forrest remains a discretion of purple, while it goes up with two men (Tom Waits and Danny Glover) a hold-up more risky than usual. Don’t tell Forrest that there would be easier ways to earn a living.

“I didn’t want to earn my living. I wanted to live it,” retorted he. Redford, in what could be his last role, ready to this incorrigible adventurer, his charm, sun and a taste of life in offhand.

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It is fun to put in parallel The Old Man and the Gun with The Mule by and starring Clint Eastwood, just out in the room. The two films have tapped into stories from the New York Times. 80 years passed, the two veterans of Hollywood through the american society in asocial picturesque, with an elegance full of humor.