The oncologist explained who have an increased risk of cancer kidney

One of the most common of cancer is kidney cancer. What factors trigger the disease, said the doctor oncourology fsbi “RNTSRR” Ministry of health of Russia Rustem Gafarov.

According to the expert of women suffer from kidney cancer is twice less often than men. The disease most often appears in people older. Among the factors triggering the doctor called genetic predisposition and heredity. Also trigger the development of the disease can become environmental contaminants or hazardous working conditions (e.g. work in the chemical industry). Another reason may be the frequent use of nonsteroidal anti — inflammatory drugs- painkillers.

Also, the doctor explained, as a “trigger” for the disease is often hypertension, diabetes or systemic disease which affects people, as well as benign tumor or prolonged inflammatory process.

in Most cases, cancer affects one kidney and asymptomatic, so the disease is found incidentally on ultrasound or CT examination.

In this case, said, Gaponov, one of the most common signs of kidney cancer is hypertension. “Those who have observed a drop in pressure is to perform ultrasound examination to check the state of the kidneys. Why is hypertension? Because tumor cells produce proteins, toxins, which are thrown into the bloodstream, leading to vasoconstriction. Against this background, and begins a pressure increase”, — quotes the expert “AIF”.

According to oncourology once a year to perform ultrasound examination of the kidneys. This recommendation is especially important to follow those who are adverse in this regard heredity as well as people after 40-50 years.

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