The oncologist has told about advantages of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer

Immunotherapy activates the immune system in the fight against cancer, and in some cases, the remission lasts for several years. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, said the head of chemotherapeutic Department of the St. Petersburg Oncology center, Professor of Oncology Fedor Moiseenko.

“the Procedure involves the use of drugs that affecting certain mechanisms, remove the locking action of the tumor on the immune system,” said the doctor.

According to him, such treatment is often prescribed for melanoma and lung cancer, however, in the case of a tumor of the colon is a relatively rare method.

“an Important feature of immunotherapy is that she, even in rare cases, allows to achieve, if not cure, then at least long-term remission: five or more years. Therefore, the procedure is so appreciated by patients. But, unfortunately, the probability of such an outcome is not too high. For example, in 15% of cases with lung cancer, just above the indicators in melanoma,” — said Moiseenko.

disadvantages oncologist called the cost of the procedure. The high cost stems from the fact that drugs exist on the market not so long ago, and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in reducing prices.

More information about immunotherapy read soon in the “Rosbalt”. Explain why such treatment is considered promising and which patients it is indicated.

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