Nothing goes between Marc Minkowski and the Orchestre national Bordeaux-Aquitaine. A month ago, the musicians were tuned to a tract of which the words are tough: “We are absolutely not convinced that Mr. Minkowski has the technical qualities, musical and human, to lead us as a conductor.”

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It alleges Minkowski to be too little present in his office and schedule too often at the head of the orchestra

How did we get here? To tell the truth, such a crisis was predictable. This sentence ruthless, remember the fall: “as a conductor”. It is here that the tension has crystallized. Marc Minkowski has been appointed in 2015 by Alain Juppé, director general of the Opera of Bordeaux. This may be a surprise at a time when the patrons of Opera have profiles of managers or of managers, but let’s remember that this was long a tradition to see artists at the head of the lyrical theatres, often directors (Jacques Karpo in Marseille, Rene Terrasson, Strasbourg, etc).

And often it is still the …

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