To see

The Operative , espionage film by Yuval Adler, 1h56

there is a justice. The spies sexy are not reserved to Luc Besson. Diane Kruger, who is not the most ugly actresses, has been recruited by the Mossad. Its mission is to travel to Tehran and to infiltrate an electronics firm suspected of fabricating fresh nuclear components. Its cover comes to teaching English to Iranians. Yuval Adler does not focus on the suspense. The film is constructed in flashback. Rachel had been new for months, and suddenly, it leaves an encrypted message on the mobile phone of its referent. “My father is dead. A new times.” The Israelis must recover or get rid of it if the situation requires it. The fear lurks. An open end that will disappoint without a doubt, fans of Jason Bourne, but a story of espionage, where one understands almost everything, where is described the b. a.-ba of the profession, in which are shown its dangers and cases of conscience.

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• Daniel Darc, Pieces Of My Life , a documentary by Marc Dufaud and Thierry Villeneuve, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Always in black, like any old punk who respects himself, the wild eye, the arched back. Daniel Darc knew that it would not be a nice old. After fifty-three years of excess, of short success and long passages in blank, the ex-singer of Taxi Girl, who wanted that “everything is lightning”, died on February 28, 2013, at barely fifty-year-old. A documentary, Pieces Of My Life , chronicles this existence tragic, eminently rock and poetic. Some days and many nights wandering in the capital, caught on tape 8-mm and VHS. Of faulty images that give the film this gross appearance, the grain of the charm, so similar to his subject. The whole is deeply touching, flooded with tenderness without limit scope to this main actor who has played all his life at Russian roulette. It is also and above all the story of a friendship obsessively, reflects the fascination that Darc exercised on all those he met.

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Crawl, horror film from Alexandre Aja, 1h28

A hurricane of violence unimaginable swoops down on Florida. Hayley worried for her missing father, ignored the evacuation instructions and began to search for her. She found injured in the basement of their home. The rise of the water becomes more and more problematic, but this will become the least of her worries… After Horns (Daniel Radcliffe) or Piranha 3D , a remake of Piranha of Joe Dante released in 1978, Alexandre Aja sign here for the seventh film. Crawl is an excellent thriller horror. His alligators have big teeth… the better to scare you my children.

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You can see

The Source , a comedy by Rodolphe Lauga, 1: 45 p.m.

After his friend Nekfeu ( Just between us , Breakaway ), Sneazzy tries a cinema. The rapper takes the plate to embody Samir, a young man from the suburbs dreaming of becoming a professional surfer in this initiatory story of Rodolphe Lauga ( relationship Status: it’s complicated ). Despite some balourdises of staging, it is easily carried by the performance of the photogenic singer in this comedy, a summer touching that one comes with a desire to surf.

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Factory Drama Yuri Bykov, 1h49min

A worker convinces five other colleagues to take hostage the boss of their factory in bankruptcy in exchange for a ransom. They have not been paid for three months and are desperate. Social Thriller, critique of the power in place, the Russian director and sign a development stage comparable to that of his compatriot Zviaguintsev with characters a little black-and-white.

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Give Me Liberty , a dramatic comedy of Kirill Mikhanovsky, 1 h 51

Vic, a young driver of Russian origin, led of disabled persons in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is good dough. When his grandfather asks him to drop his friends at a funeral, it shall comply with the requirement, at the risk of being dismissed. All these passengers have only crumbs of the american dream, but they keep the sense of humor. A first film sincere but without any real challenge.

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To avoid

return. , fantasy movie from Issa López, 1 h 24

A group of orphans led by the fierce Shine and the shy Estrella is chased by a dangerous cartel in mexico. Adoubée by Guillermo del Toro, the filmmaker Issa Lopez is registered in the footsteps of his fellow countryman with this dark tale to children about bereavement. Horror, drama and the fantastic come to be confused in an array of a large innocence of children. The result is, unfortunately, not quite consistent so that the viewer may believe the fable.

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