A small revolution calendar and is going? The Oscars will test that for a year, in 2020, their move to their prestigious awards, the pinnacle of the season awards in Hollywood, in early February. The Academy of arts and sciences of cinema has revised its schedule for the editions 2021 and 2022. They will regain their traditional location of the end of February in order not to be overshadowed by two major sporting events: the Super Bowl of american football championship and the olympic winter Games of 2022 in Beijing. Clearly, the 92nd edition of the Oscars will be held next year on February 9, but the following ceremonies are scheduled for February 28, 2021 February 27, 2022, for the last Sunday of the month.

A fit not so trivial as that. Move to the beginning of February, the gala was one of the strategies of the Oscars to regain the interest of the public. Shorten the season for the price of two weeks could give rise to a new interest of spectators and re-inject a bit of suspense as to the winners, hope the Academy while the hearings of the Oscars are to the money for several years.

The Bafta and the Berlin international film festival line up

The road to the Oscars is a campaign worthy of a presidential election that begins in late August with the festivals of Venice and Toronto. This marathon of premieres, interviews, screenings, where filmmakers and actors will need to commit no faux pas, was marked by several ceremonies intermediaries who present themselves as “lobbies”, the “precursors” of the Oscars. Between January and mid-February are handed out the Golden Globes, the price of the trade unions of actors, producers, directors and screenwriters. Even the Oscars English, the Bafta, are a figure of a barometer.

The decision by the Oscars to move their event to February 9, 2020 has pushed several of these ceremonies, previous to advancing their calendar to stay influential. The Baftas are well positioned on 2 February and not the 16th as usual. To avoid seeing its red carpet too naked, the Berlin festival will start on 20 February, with fifteen days late, its 70th edition.

These changes have made squeak a few teeth. Strategists overseeing the campaigns of the movies fear the road to the Oscars without dead time, opening at the end of Cannes in the month of may. A constraint in addition to the talent that should already make themselves very available, and even choose between shooting a film and their chances of winning a statuette. Remains to see if this calendar-advanced will be an innovation in the perennial or a straw fire. The image of the very maligned Oscar from the popular movie, the principle of which has been quickly killed in its cradle and pushed back sine die.

Without waiting for Venice or Toronto, the little game of prognostics has taken over. Us of Jordan Peele, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Quentin Tarantino, but also The Four daughters of Dr. March of Greta Gerwig, The Irishman Martin Scorsese – the most expensive feature film-Netflix — or Ad Astra James Gray are tentatively figure of favorites, even before their entrance in the arena.