What is the link between a famous elephant, Christian Dior, the Resistance and the magazine Vogue ? At first sight, no. And yet, the answer is there. It is a family, a family name, the Brunhoff, an adventure, or rather of the great adventures of the Twentieth century. Of this family, is known mainly by two names, Jean de Brunhoff, creator of Babar, and Laurent, his son, who took the pen from her father’s untimely death in 1937. Laurent was then 13 years old, and his uncle Michael asked him to colorize the drawings left by John. It fullfilled the task with consistency. Now aged 93, he continues to pursue the adventures of the elephant, the most famous of the literature.

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yet It is to the whole of this amazing family that is interested in the journalist Yseult Williams in The Splendor of Brunhoff (Fayard). And, first and foremost, the siblings composed by Cosette, Michel, James, and John, high on the chalk line by …

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