The former Palace of the Bourse has taken her clothes were. The hypnotic circles of blue, orange and yellow on a background of electric blue have covered the fourteen columns of the Palais Brongniart. This installation is ephemeral is the result of a partnership between the City of Paris, the École professionnelle supérieure d’arts graphiques (EPSAA) and GL Events, the company that manages the building. Up until the 30th of August, it was edited by Leah Degez, a second year student in the EPSAA of Paris.

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“I wanted to keep an idea of the mechanism and cogs, because this building was built in 1825, at the height of the industrial revolution,” explains the young woman, 21 years of age. It is weird to see what I thought of it like that, but I am very happy with the result.”

The students in the second year of the school of arts had four days to propose a project to a jury consisting of nine members, including Nikos Aliagas, or Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect and urban planner who is in charge of the renovation work of the musée du Louvre from 1988 to 2000. “The members of the jury were incredulous when they saw the quality of the forty-two projects designed in four days,” said François Moreau, the representative of the Paris city Hall, which was involved in the selection of projects. To such a point that Jean-Michel Wilmotte has offered an internship to two students of the contest.

‘t street art

designers in the grass were asked to respond to a command made by GL Event. “We wanted the work to match the DNA of this building,” explained Mathieu Roux, director of the Palais Brongniart. It was necessary that this reminds us of the history of the place, while echoing with his current commitment, at the heart of innovation.” Objective completed for the monument, which hosts more than 400 events per year.

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For this reason, Leah Degez does not consider the installation as a work of street art “urban art yes, the street art, a little less,” she says. “We were very free,” the student adds. For example, it proposed to dress the windows behind the columns, which was not in the specification but has been accepted.

Four other facilities after him

Some of the projects submitted to the jury are exhibited on panels attached to the gates of the Palais Brongniart. Eleven visualizations allow the public to discover the work of the students. Two of them, including Leah Degez, can come to life via an application on a smartphone to an experience in augmented reality.

The red balls of this simulation are dancing on the façade through an augmented reality app on a smartphone. EPSAA/Palais Brongniart

Among the eleven projects presented, some of these should be installed after the one of Leah Degez on the facade of the stock Exchange. “The jurors liked it so much that they have not been able to decide to elect a single winner”, said François Moreau. The jury has selected three other projects, which should cover the façade in turn. But GL Event keeps their identity a secret. To each of us to make its prognosis using the panels exposed in front of the monument.