The parents of the Chelyabinsk military school cadets said about the outbreak of coronavirus

In Chelyabinsk, the parents of cadets of flight school, the air force said about the outbreak of coronavirus.

As told the father of one of the students, tests for coronavirus took the students of the two groups, and 12 of them came out positive.

“on the same day in the barracks shut down two groups of this Department, only about 50 people, and took all the tests, including my son — said the father of the student. Positive results came from 12 people, they immediately transferred to another barracks and they closed, isolated. Thus, according to at lunch on Tuesday, 26 may, no one admitted to a specialized institution, nor sick, nor contact were given no treatment, even of antiviral drugs. They are just isolated in two barracks”.

the Rest, as noted, was sent ahead of time for the holidays. The school remained only a group of navigators, which was not isolated and continued to learn.

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