The Parliament, signed the verdict of the St. Petersburg bars, established a working group to save them

the law banning the sale of alcohol in restaurants with rooms with an area less than 50 square meters on July 23 was signed by the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov. The law shall enter into force from January next year.

the Fate of small bars and cafes now engaged in a working group, which was instructed to study the additions, concerning “copyright” of bars. Connect experts decided after numerous requests and complaints of entrepreneurs after adoption of the law.

“Before the law came into force there is still time. During this period, the working group must find a solution that satisfies both residents and bar owners. Importantly, such institutions were not constant complaints from people living in the immediate vicinity,” — said Alexander Beglov.

we will Remind, in April 2020, the state Duma adopted the law “Nalivaiko” in homes, forbidden to sell alcohol in bars area of 20 square meters. In St. Petersburg requirements for institutions has tightened, raising the bar to 50 square meters.

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