The PCT are not afraid of

Russians have already sold out tours in the South of the country and not in a hurry to abandon them in favor of Turkey. Commented on “discovery” of Saudi coronavirus a spokesman for the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina.

According to her, reports “Interfax”,Turkey “opened” on time because the demand for domestic tourism had largely been implemented. According to the PCT, the decline in sales of tour operators now ranges from 5-10% and is associated with the shortage of places in hotels of the South of Russia. Everyone who wanted to buy tours to black sea resorts, has already done, said Turina. So the excessive demand for Russian resorts ended last week. The most popular were 4-5 star hotels, and in August the travel company and expect to sell options with a budget accommodation.

In most of the travel agencies peremanivanie with the Russian resorts on the Turkish no, Tyurina added, explaining that to change the tour you can “only with fines.” At her words, revocation is possible in the expensive price segment and in the low to medium this will not happen. Although, she acknowledged, a call and clarify the possibility of rebooking the trip.

Recall, Russia from August 1 to resume flights to Istanbul and Ankara, with a 10 — to Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman.

Tyurina said that the coming days will show, what’ll the Russians. “Turkey’s influence is inevitable, but it is unlikely it will delay more than 10-15% of the August sales,” she said. Especially since the “opening” of Turkey takes into account the interests of domestic tourism. If the Kuban and the Crimea will take in August for 10% less relaxation, it will be comparable to last year.

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