The pension Fund denied benefits polutorogodovalogo the daughter of a leader of the movement

the Pension Fund of Russia refused allowance to support families with children up to three years, the leader of the movement “Beautiful Petersburg” Krasimir Wronski. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” was told by the father himself polutorogodovalogo daughter.

“After submitting the documents with me in 2-3 weeks, was contacted by members of the FIU. Asked to send my passport, birth certificate daughter. Reason demanded to send a photo of the reverse side of the certificate — supposedly there should be the citizenship of my daughter. But all the information was on the front side,” explained the green Vronsky.

According to the activist, most likely, members of the FIU has confused his data and wrote the column “nationality” — Russian, and in the column “citizenship” — Bulgaria, although the passport is exactly the opposite.

“Guess they think I might have a second citizenship, and my daughter is not eligible. In June, received a message about the denial of benefits. The reason — no right. But on the website of the FIU have all my data, but judging from my personal account every month from me and they come taxes. This is so? To pay taxes and contributions to the Pension Fund have the right, and the child to get benefits — no! So what? And even if I had a second citizenship — indeed, in the decree of the President was nowhere stipulates that in this case, benefits are not supposed to”, — said Vronsky.

the activists have sent an appeal to the Russian government — it was forwarded to the Ministry of labour. Response from the RF Prosecutor to wait until failed.

“has announced about prolongation of the measures to support families in a pandemic, but we are still the first payment is not received,” says Wronski.

we will Remind, on may 12 Putin announced the benefits for children up to three years in the amount of 5000 rubles a month for April, may and June, and later extended their for July.

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