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The Petersburg actress told what’s wrong with “Scarlet sails”

The Petersburg actress told what's wrong with "Scarlet sails"

Actress Anna Catherine believes that speakers at the “Scarlet sails” artists are not idols alumni, so it is not entirely successful.

“With our city’s celebrations all of the time complexity of the same type. No clear positioning. From the whole set of people today turned out to be only a few those who really wanted to see the graduates: Urgant, Kate Adushkin, Rasa, Bilan… where little big, Hatter?” — wrote woman on his page “Vkontakte”.

rum “the Beast” from the group “Animals” was invited to sing “for 30 years, probably,” said Catherine. Controversial, according to the actress, it was a statement and such artists as Vera Brezhneva and Svetlana Surganova: “Surganova for women, Brezhnev, for uncles”.

meanwhile, “kritikessa” praised the fireworks and laser show.

this year because of the pandemic coronavirus passage brig under crimson sails was broadcast online. The ship appeared in the Gulf, and not passed along the Neva river, as usual. Not all Petersburgers liked this approach of the authorities — but he didn’t work, because “a crowd of townspeople rushed to the bridges, close to the “Gazprom Arena” to somehow see the fireworks”, said the lady VK Natalia Kirillova.

She believes that a holiday for young people it was necessary at all to move, like a Victory parade. “What is a celebration without an audience? Who needed a holiday, which was spent a considerable budget, and which could only be seen on TV?! What prevented the Governor of St. Petersburg to reschedule this fabulous feast, moved the celebration of Victory Day?!” — is perplexed woman.

Addressing the officials, she asked, “who had the idea to make this “holiday online” when citizens, nearly two weeks was relieved of the duty to sit at home.”

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