The Petersburg rescuers are sounding the alarm because of the number drowned in the last days

Over the past two weeks in the North-West region drowned 33 people, including 10 children. This was reported in the St. Petersburg Department of EMERCOM of Russia. The Agency sounding the alarm, because in the near future in St. Petersburg and the region will remain hot weather, and it means that people will tend to travel on holiday to the water.

“traditionally, Citizens seeking the coolness near the water, swimming, where possible, giving a bad example to the younger generation,” — said in management.

Rescuers recalled the past accidents. So, on the evening of 9 June in the quarry in the Park of Heroes-firefighters drowned 13-year-old. Five days later his age pgib on the Black lake in Gatchina district. 17 June Polustrovski Park while bathing drowned 5-year-old boy, left without adult supervision — its time to save and to be hospitalized. A few hours later received a request about a lost 4-year-old girl in Tosno. Several hours later, her body was discovered in the river.

emergency workers are asked to avoid such tragedies do not leave children unattended, as well as a reminder about the rules of behavior on the Bank during the holidays:

— swimming is allowed only in specially equipped places: beaches, pools, baths;

— do not enter the water in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Alcohol inhibits the normal activity of the brain;

— in the water should be no more than 10-15 minutes. With hypothermia the body can experience cramps. In convulsions helps puncture by any sharp object (pin, sliver, sharp stone, etc.). If the foot cramp, you need to take the hand fingers and pulling firmly on the foot itself;

— do not swim up close to going courts. Near the running of the ship there is a current which can tighten under the screw.

— it is dangerous to jump or dive into water in an unknown place — you can hit his head on the ground, driftwood, a pile;

 — avoid rough games on water. It is impossible to swim up under bathing, “to heat” to submit false signals about the help

very gently swim on inflatable mattresses and inflatable toys. A wind or their current can carry away from the shore;

— do not use rowing and motor boats, water bicycles and motorcycles in areas of the beaches, in public swimming areas;

— do not swim in the area waters, where moving boats and jet skis.

we will Remind, on the eve of the St. Petersburg office of Rospotrebnadzor reported on the results of the audit of the city’s reservoirs. Experts came to the conclusion that none of them suitable for swimming.

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