The philosopher has explained what's wrong with propaganda movie about a gay family adopting a child

From the point of view of the Studio that made the homophobic video, the only thing that today can unite Russians — the most severe advertising technology beyond good and evil. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the philosopher, columnist, the European radio for Belarus Maxim Goryunov about campaign video for the amendment to the Constitution about same-sex couple who adopted the boy.

“the People who invented the roller, solved the daunting task of finding a theme that will inspire and unite all citizens of Russia without exception. The Russian Federation is a complex multi-color and multi-dimensional space. In every corner of this space, their beliefs, their memory, their languages, our own history of relations with Moscow. It is very difficult to find a theme that will cut across Baikal and Buryatia, and Kuban Cossacks, and Arkhangelsk white sea. And then there are the Kamchadals. Than their all to inspire?” — asks Goryunov.

According to him, until recently, this common theme was the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, but due to natural causes gradually disappearing.

“just yesterday, the Russians combined the history with the annexation of Crimea. She gave them a reason to say that Russia is once again an Empire and world power, as in the days of Catherine the great and Alexander the First. But the Imperial theme of the Crimea, too, as it dissolved itself into nothingness. A couple of years as memories of the Empire did not warm the hearts of Russians, not unite them”, — said the philosopher.

Maxim Goryunov notes that in tsarist Russia the subjects were United by loyalty to the Emperor and to the house of the Romanovs: family, the Lord’s anointed on the throne. Kalmyks, Karelians and of the inhabitants of the Yaroslavl province had great difficulty in understanding each other, but were United by loyalty to the Emperor of Russia.

“Now Russia is ruled by an elected (in theory) the President, not the monarch, and his ratings are falling. Was still communism, as agenda that could unite the peoples of Northern Eurasia, but communism was overthrown… well, the creators of the movie apparently decided that holders of Russian passports, almost no common topics, — said the philosopher. — Apparently, they believe that the Russians can not unite on the basis of love for the Fatherland, the same as Finns or Estonians. Definitely need something controversial, outrageous, hard advertising. If I’m right, this is an extremely sad story about the poverty of the Russian citizenship in the country, almost no positive unifying themes. There is only the technology of the scandal, hired the American and British yellow press. They are all kept”, — said the philosopher.

we will Remind, recently the network appeared in a propaganda video depicting a caricature of a family of two homosexual men who adopted a boy in the orphanage. Seeing who is now his second “mom”, the boy visibly getting unhappy, and the housemother spits to the side. In the credits it is noted that if you do not vote for the amendment in the Constitution that marriage is the Union of a man and a woman, Russian children will be brought up in such families.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that the actor who played “gay mom”, intends to vote against the amendments.

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