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The physician listed the foods that can cause anaphylactic shock

The physician listed the foods that can cause anaphylactic shock

Physician Leonid Calls have listed the most powerful allergens that can cause anaphylactic shock in humans.

As the “Evening Moscow”, in the first place is the peanut, shrimp, chocolate, fish and milk protein, as well as some types of household chemicals, perfumes, aromatic additives.

According to the doctor, it often happens that people do not know the reaction of your body to allergens, in connection with which there are difficulties in avoiding threats. However, there is a way to escape, if the use of drug-autoinjector similar to a pen with a needle that contains adrenaline, which immediately relieves an allergic reaction.

anaphylaxis is an acute allergic reaction to an ingested allergen. This happens usually in the range from 1-2 to 15-30 minutes after exposure to the allergen, and often ends in death, when failing to provide quick and competent medical care.

As reported yesterday in Moscow at his own wedding from anaphylactic shock dead bride. She became ill during a feast, intensive care, arrived on the scene to save her failed.

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