let me Say from the outset: it would have had to work longer for this little show gives his true potential. The second part, full of scenes désopilantes, is really encouraging. At the beginning, on the other hand it drags, and one wonders how a project yet so fragile was able to make his entry in a theatre.

there was the matter, yet, in this show. The idea comes from the pianist Aurélien Richard. It was to tell of Giselle , a masterpiece of the ballet, detailing its key scenes, and to raise a corner of the veil on how the transmission occurs from the side of Terpsichore, the famous oral transmission in which there is much talk and which one does not know large-thing.

rite to bid farewell to a star

A former ballerina Marie Cariès, much is expected, finally joined the couple of dancers on stage. Giselle – Elsa Godard – is a dancer, his Albrecht sings much better than he does dancing. And his appearance in doctor of the ballet, who sang of the evils of all the famous dancers is hilarious. In a transposition fine enough of Giselle develop the steps of the career of the dancer: coronation star, interview pitcher to desire, humiliation, lost illusions, jealousy, and bid farewell to star.

a Hundred times on the trade give your work. This little show deserves it!

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