“Ay, caramba, el inferno muchacho” is back! We had a little forgotten Hellboy , the man with horns all red created by Mike Mignola. Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman had already taken over with the happiness of the character’s comic book in two feature-length films in the universe, combining the wicked nazis, norse mythology, mysticism, satanic monsters and tolkieniens.

For this third film, the actor and the mexican director has left the ship. The hero, half-man, half-demon, is played by David Harbour (preview in Stranger Things ), while the rudder fell into the hands of the poor Neil Marshall, director of horror films ( The Descent , Tales of Halloween ) series ( Black Sails , Hannibal ) with a penchant for gore.

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In this new episode – which is not a sequel – Hellboy has to deal with awful trolls, giants, hungry, a woman-spider éborgnée man-eater children, a demon-boar that rolls the “R” like a pig, and a witch dismembered played by Milla Jovovich. Marshall, who seems to have had a restriction on the budget makeup, plays the card of the grotesque-bottom: hemoglobin flows like the sangria at Gaspar Noé, the jokes are heavy with a bad Marvel and the soundtrack to rock right out of the room of a rebellious adolescent. This remake of Hellboy is, at best, nothing more than a succession of scenes regressive music for the past of fashion and, at worst, a nanar of hell.