The plane crash in Pakistan associated with coronavirus

the Government of Pakistan has published the results of the investigation of the crash of an Airbus A320 Pakistan International Airlines, may 22 apartments above collapsed at home in the city of Karachi.

Minister of civil aviation of Pakistan Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that the accident could be due to the fact that the pilots were too busy talking about the coronavirus.

the decoding of the flight data recorder should, that the crew was too concerned about the pandemic, which has affected their families.

“Their families have suffered, so they discussed the coronavirus was not focused on the mission,” said Khan, who was quoted “Medusa”.

in addition, the pilots ignored warnings from dispatchers that the plane began to approach with too much altitude.

the investigation confirmed the full technical serviceability of the aircraft, the version of the attack were also excluded.

we will Remind, on may 22, the plane fell on houses approximately 4 km from the airport, near Karachi and burst into flames. Onboard there were 99 people, of whom 97 died and two survived.

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