fans will remember the nerve-wracking and ultramaîtrisé number of acrobatics from Pink, aka Alecia Beth Moore, during her concert in the Defence Arena at the beginning of the month of July. Here’s a new issue of wire walking in air that should give them some cold sweats. A private jet carrying members of the tour for the american singer has landed in emergency at an airport the Danish early on Tuesday before taking fire, reports the Reuters news agency. All the passengers were unharmed, said the antenna of Norwegian promoter Live Nation.

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“I was told that a part of the team Pink was in the plane and that nobody had been injured,” said Rune Lem of Live Nation Norway. The singer of 39 years, which was to give a concert in the Danish town of Horsens on Wednesday evening, was not a part of the passengers, it was learnt. The jet had taken off from the airport in Oslo a few hours earlier, where the interpreter of Walk Me Home occurred on Monday evening.

The Danish police announced that a flight from Olso has had an accident during its landing at the airport of Aarhus, but that the ten people on board managed to leave the camera safe and sound. Among the passengers were four us citizens, two Australians and a brit.

Pink is famous for her pop songs such as What About Us , Just Give Me A Reason and Just Like A Pill . The singer was nearing the end of his tour of Beautiful Trauma .

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