“outlaws” Pauline Bureau bringing to life the protagonists of “the trial of Bobigny”, which led to the adoption of the Veil law. A diving informative, without effects sophisticated. But first in the theatre, with a nice distribution.

“Outside the law” at the Vieux-Colombier (Life). Tel.: 01 44 39 87 00. .Until 7 July.

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“The life of Galileo” This is the administrator general of the French sign this staging of the masterpiece by Bertolt Brecht, thirty years after its entry into the repertoire. In this fable about the necessity of the doubt in the face of obscurantism, Hervé Pierre in the role of the mathematician confronts the Pope, Guillaume Gallienne in costume signed Christian Lacroix.

“The life of Galileo”. Salle Richelieu (Ier). .Until the 21 of July.


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not to FORGET…

other performances of the Comédie-Française will be always displayed in the first few days of July, Electra/Orestes , Serge (Gainsbourg Point Bar) . According to the available seats.

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“It’s going to go (1) End-of-Louis” Without a doubt, the spectacle, the most impressive of the year. Joel his plays weaves a historical fresco colossal on the origins of the French Revolution, by transposing the birth of the national Assembly on the Twenty-first century. The resemblance, troubling, with our era is done immediately. All the more with the theatre, confused with the chamber, is invested completely by a troop of actors is brilliant. It is at the heart of the political debate, from 1789 to our days.

“It’s going to go (1) End-of-Louis” at the Théâtre de la Porte-Saint-Martin (Xe). Tel.: 01 42 45 53 66. Until 14 July.


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“The rantings of a man suddenly struck by grace” Edward Baer still manages to surprise us. In a funny recitation, he said the words of Gary, Kessel, Bernhard; password belching of Bukowski to the lyrical tones of Malraux, sounds the voice of a few ghosts of theatre. With the charm and the melancholy we know. In this fragility, if mastered, it is, in fact, as is touched by grace.

“The rantings of a man suddenly struck by the grace” at the Théâtre Antoine (Xe). Tel.: 01 42 08 77 71. Until 3 July, and then resumed on 22 August.


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“Hiroshima my love” Fanny Ardant is alone on stage, accompanied by the voice of an old friend, Gérard Depardieu. Together, the two monsters of the French cinema re-enact the scenario of Marguerite Duras for the film by Alain Resnais.

“Hiroshima my love” at the Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens (IIe). Tel.: 01 42 96 92 42. .Until 7 July.


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“WHY?” “Why do theatre? Who is it? What will we talk about?” A thorny question, which attempts to answer a couple of oldies in their old theatre, Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne, with three actors and a pianist, for a performance flash (1: 15).

“WHY?” at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord (Xe). From 19 June to 13 July.



“We will not go in Avignon” Everything is in the title. The rebellion is orchestra in Vitry-sur-Seine, in a beautiful way, with a new formula that continues to privilege the contemporary writing and inventive. Theater but also dance, clown, mime, musical proposals, and the young audience are in the program.

“We will not go in Avignon” to the train Station to the Theatre. Tel.: 01 43 28 00 50. From 11 July to 3 August.

“Festen” one of The great posters of the festival in Paris in the Summer, which runs from 12 July to 3 August at the four corners of the capital. Here, Cyril Teste, adapting the cult film by Thomas Vinterberg. A family dinner chilling drop the masks with a crash.

“Festen” at the Centquatre (Xix). Tel.: 01 44 94 98 00. From July 16 to 19.

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“My great love” Still in Paris in the Summer, a stage production of Caroline Guiela Nguyen… apartment. The format is not new, but it is still rare for big names attached. This is not the first time for the playwright, who mixes here are three storylines to weave a “narrative common to share our wounds.”

“My great love” in an apartment, rue Tolbiac (Xiii). Tel.: 01 44 94 98 00. From 16 July to 3 August

Chekhov, to laugh… or cry, at Pocket Montparnasse (VI e). Victor Tonelli

Chekhov to the madness Two parts of the Russian dramatist is hiding behind this title binding: The marriage proposal and The Bear . Two parts funny and cruel, well served by a trio of exceptional: Émeline Bayart, Jean-Paul Farré, Manuel Le Lièvre. We laugh, we cry, we cry of laughter.

Chekhov the madness at the Théâtre de Poche in Montparnasse. Tel.: 01 45 44 50 21. Until 14 July.


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“Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” A troupe of young actors from the drama school of the service of light. A classic French cut with an axe (1: 15). Beautiful promises of burlesque. What to try the adventure.

“The Bourgeois Gentleman” at the Lucernaire. Tel.: 01 45 44 57 34. From 12 June to 11 August.


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“Michael for ever” Michel to Michel Legrand, of course, composer of the films of Jacques Demy ( the Skin of an ass; The Umbrellas of Cherbourg …). A musical show, so, dancing even, joyful and deliciously sixties , signed Stéphan Druet and Daphne Tesson.

“Michael for ever” at the Théâtre de Poche in Montparnasse. Tel.: 01 45 44 50 21. .Until 14 July.


“I Love Piaf” Jacques Pessis, that the readers of the Figaro well know, offers a new version of his show dedicated to the life and songs of the Kid. With the singer Anaïs Delva, also famous for having lent his voice to the heroine of The snow Queen . Show with subtitles in English.

“I Love Piaf” at the Théâtre de la Tour Eiffel (VIIe). Tel.: 01 40 67 77 77. Until 27 July.


IN LAUGHTER The vivacious Julie Ferrier at the Théâtre de l’atelier (XVIII). Sébastien SORIANO/Le Figaro

“To my place, you ferrier what?” The very full season of The Workshop ends in laughter, with the vivacious Julie Ferrier who was given carte blanche to write a cabaret foutraque, kitschy and joyful, helped by a few acolytes.

“To my place, you ferrier what?” at the Théâtre de l’atelier (Xviii). Tel.: 01 46 06 49 24. Until the 31st of July.


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“The prize pool” The thrilling adventures of a group of notables of the province came to Paris to spend a valuable prize. The cowardice petit-bourgeois is, as usual, sketched beautifully by the spirit of Labiche, here enlivened by the colorful Christophe Lemoine. Ideal for the summer.

“The pot” at the service of light (Life). Tel.: 01 45 44 57 34. Until 11 August.


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“Escape game” An “escape game” in the depths felted the Lepic? Our curiosity is piqued. Especially on the knights of the round Table. The premise is clear: to rediscover the Grail lost. And meet the behind-the-scenes of the theatre, with Cocteau, Marais, Piaf, Picasso…

“Escape game” at the Theatre Lepic (Xviii). Tel.: 01 42 54 15 12. From 6 July.


“The Paradox of Georges” Yann Frisch is a magician like no other: simplicity, good-naturedness apparent that put the world upside down with a beautiful mastery. After seeing it, you lose it in the compass.

“The Paradox of George”. Place des Vins-de-France (Thirteenth century) from 31 July to 3 August.

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stick insects , by the company Libertivore, expert of hand-to-hand. Joseph Banderet/Company Libertivore

“stick insects” This insect, that it is difficult to distinguish from a twig, emphasizes the art of transformation and the gaze. The company Libertivore, expert in hand-to-hand, gives us to see these forms.

“stick insects” at Bercy (Xiith), Pantin (93), Villepinte (93), Chamarande (91) from 23 to 28 July.

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“Encantation” Johann Le Guillerm is an animal circus as great as mutique. It combines the chef Alexandre Gauthier, a two-star Michelin restaurant, with its ground game. And organize an experiment to “taste the concepts with his stomach as much as his mind.”

“Encantation” at Monfort Theatre (Fifteenth). Tel.: 01 56 08 33 88. From July 22 to 25.

“Circus incognitus” Between the mime Marceau, and Buster Keaton, Jamie Adkins amazes and dazzles with numbers on stage and in the air that look like exploits.

“Circus incognitus” at the Théâtre de l’atelier (Xviii). Tel.: 01 46 06 49 24. From 3 July to 11 August.