The political scientist explained why Putin otherwise interprets democracy

Vladimir Putin in an interview broadcast by TV channel “Russia 1”, criticized American democracy, noting that the governors in response to the orders of the President reply, “fuck away.” The head of state stressed that the highest authorities, which are elected by the people, have the right to organize the work of Executive bodies.

What’s wrong with Putin’s definition of democracy, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” explained a Professor at the European University in Saint-Petersburg and Helsinki University Vladimir Gelman.

“I prefer a different definition of democracy, which belongs to the American political scientist Adam Pshevorsky. He says that democratic political regime is where parties lose elections. As if we didn’t treat American democracy, where parties often lose elections — both national and at the state level. In Russia, the election was lost only at the regional level and then — for quite some time. Why don’t the Russian leaders to teach American democracy,” opined the analyst.

Vladimir Gelman notes that in the US there is separation of powers not only horizontally — between the Congress and the President, but also vertically — between the Federal government and state governments. And the situation in which the governors of the States in the framework of its powers pursue a political course that does not coincide with the course of the President in the order of things.

“there is nothing unusual, and that is American politics from the XVIII century, when the United States made in the Constitution a list of what the Federal government rather than the States. It is clear that Putin has in mind is not fit, he has the idea that the vertical of power is everything,” says the analyst.

agreed Vladimir Gelman and zapplication of the President that amendments to the Constitution limit the power of the President and expand the powers of the Parliament, in particular, the question of approving the candidacy of the Prime Minister.

“on the Contrary — because although the Parliament formally has the right to approve of certain Ministers, the decision still rests with the President. Therefore, the extension of the powers of Parliament — purely decorative, because it is not able to oblige to do anything of the President” — explains the analyst.

earlier, the “Rosbalt” was told that Putin in an interview with TV channel “Russia 1” has substantiated the importance of the amendments to the Constitution, and called the cause of the protests in the US and Europe.

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