The political scientist has told, what will be the election of the Governor of the Leningrad region

the procedure for the election of the Governor of Leningrad region on September 13 will take place in a regular mode, despite the spread of coronavirus infection in the country. Such opinion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the political scientist Anna Khmeleva.

“I think at first considered the possibility of moving the election, but lately such talk is not passed. If any force majeure event, which will take place in a regular mode in a single day of voting,” said Khmeleva.

According to the analyst, the turnout this year is not too different from the average in previous elections.

“still, there are still three months, and, judging by how actively people visit the shops, pharmacy, post office, banks, polling station staff to attend. However, the plots usually a crowd of people is much less than in supermarkets. In the last gubernatorial election, the turnout was 44%, I think it will be slightly lower, but not much. Again- if there will be a second wave COVID-19”, — said Anna Khmeleva.

In her opinion, Alexander Drozdenko will definitely take part in the elections, and the chances of him good.

“All the decisions he took in the last time was in accordance with the epidemiological situation, and the other candidates for this post in the public field were not considered. In the entity no longer has any outstanding politicians, who would be his competition” — sure Khmeleva.

Earlier it became known that deputies of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region has appointed elections of the Governor on September 13.

Recall from the beginning of the pandemic in the region recorded 3 thousand 342 cases of infection, 2 thousand 434 people were recovered, 23 died.

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