The port in the Somali capital blew up a suicide bomber, a security guard tried to stop the car of the terrorist shots (photo, video)

Near the port of Mogadishu car bomb exploded. According to preliminary information, the suicide bomber died.

according to Reuters, at least five people were injured. Channel Channels claims that injured seven.

Seven Injured In Somalia Car Bombing

— Channels Television (@channelstv) July 4, 2020

the report said that the gunman rammed the checkpoint, witnesses heard the sounds of gunfire.

PHOTO : Aftermath of the blast in Mogadishu, Somalia.

— Halgan Media (@Free_Somaliweyn) July 4, 2020

the Explosion was powerful in social networks publish photos with a pillar of black smoke rose above the scene. Metal fragments scattered all over the territory and fell on people, told port workers.

#BreakingNews A huge explosion rocked in front of the port of Mogadishu,#Somalia

— mohammad gedhi (@geedi2018) July 4, 2020

the Shooting, as bloggers write with reference to “some reports” in the media, was conducted by officers of the security services who were trying to neutralize a suicide bomber.

UPDATE: – A bomb blast at the front door of the tax department just outside the Port of Mogadishu has killed only one person who exploded and injured five security guards. Some reports say officers guarding the scene fired shots at the car before it exploded

— Mohamed Tallman (@Tallman2015) July 4, 2020

Operating in the region, terrorist organizations didn’t take responsibility for the attack.

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