Svetlana Tikhanovski, which is officially a candidate for President of Belarus, made his political program.

“My program is not just an ordinary program of the presidential candidate, the main point of my program is the new free and fair elections,” said Tikhanovski and promised to hold them for six months in the event of his victory. Speech Tikhanovski showed on local television.

According to her, the elections on August 9 will not be free and fair. “Not one of the strong leaders registered as candidates for the presidency, prosecuted, thrown in the trash hundreds of thousands of signatures collected,” said Tikhanovski, and added that therefore, in Belarus it is necessary to hold new free and fair elections with transparent vote count.

Tikhanovski promised after his victory to organize such elections. But she urged her to come to the presidential election and vote, and become independent observers. “The more turnout, the more obvious fraud”, she explained.

“we Need to change the system so all power in the country was in the hands of one person” — summed up Tikhanovski

Recall, the presidential elections in Belarus must pass 9 August.

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