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The power of Him, the chinese mountains and a flea in the ear… The advice weekend of Figaro

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dear George

With this “Flea in the ear” transposed in the Thirty Glorious years, got rid of the ra-ra of the Nineteenth and hangings, Feydeau offered as a new youth. Pascal Victor/Pascal Victor/ArtComPress

At the Comédie-Française, Georges Feydeau is now at home. The house of Molière became hers. Lilo Baur has seized his Flea in the ear for translate in the Thirty Glorious years, but in the greater respect for the text. Seventeen residents interpret it perfectly. Monsieur Chandebise (Serge Bagdassarian), the insurer of its state, is helpless. This is hard cash for the respectable master of the house as for his wife. Worried by the troubles techniques of her husband, it surprises a parcel from the Hotel to the Twink. Before leaving on an expedition in the place doubtful. The doctor prank, the son of …

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