The President had postponed the address to the nation amid rumors of poor health

Scheduled for 3 August the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the people and the Parliament will be held a day later.

As reported TUT.BY the Trustee Lukashenko Oleg Gaidukevich and the press Secretary of the President Natalia Eismont confirmed that the appeal will be held in the Palace of the Republic on 4 August.

About the reasons for the postponement of the date published on the website of the house of representatives and in the presidential decree, not reported.

Belarusian media and Telegram channels connect this decision with the health of Lukashenko, who “could not recover” for a term appointed.

in addition, sources from the business environment son Lukashenko — Victor reported that the President so much has passed, that in the last days “is not in full control of the army and the law enforcement agencies, some of whom have openly welcomed the changes in the country” (quoted by Telegram-channel “Sovinformburo 2.0”).

Recall that the annual appeal was held in April, but Lukashenka decided to hold him shortly before the presidential election.