The President of Brazil have recovered from coronavirus

the Brazilian leader Air Bolsonaro more than two weeks struggled with the coronavirus, which he revealed on 7 July.

As told the President in his Twitter, the disease has finally managed to overcome the fourth test was negative. He also published a photo with a smile and the result of tests.

it is Noted that in recent times the disease in 65-year-old Bolsonaro proceeded in asymptomatic form, but the test had shown the presence of the virus.

“(the Test of the type — ed) RT-PCR for Sars-Cov 2: negative. All a good day,” said Bolsonaro.

Recall that in Brazil during the last day 59961 identified a new case of coronavirus. Thus the total number of infection cases since the beginning of the pandemic in the country amounted to 2287475. The number of deaths per day amounted to 1311, the total number of deceased patients has reached 84082.

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