The President of Lithuania is going to counteract the

the State defense Council of Lithuania (GSO), headed by President Gitanas Nausea discussed the plans of the Russian authorities to “rehabilitate” signed on the eve of the Second world war, the Treaty of non-aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union, Delfi reports.

“the Members of GEO came to a consensus that future changes in the Russian Constitution and declared plans to officially rehabilitate the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and secret protocols to it are of grave concern”, — is spoken in the message of office of the President.

the report also says about the need to attract the attention of allies and the international community to the fact that “Russia is making efforts on the systematic rewriting of history to justify its policy towards neighbouring States, the challenge of statehood and separation of the EU and NATO”.

Nausea, intends to raise the issue at the European Council meeting, which will take place 17-18 July.

As is known, Russia is now voting on amendments to the Constitution, one of which is the provision on the protection of historical truth.

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