The President of Moldova would like to re-elect Parliament in one day with a

the President of Moldova Igor Dodon in an interview to local TV channels reported that the country can get an early parliamentary election if MPs continue to engage in “political tourism”, going from one faction to another. In this case, believes the head of state, it would be better to dissolve Parliament and hold early elections.

“If the parliamentary majority will lose 2-3 of the MPs and will be unable to work further, then, or shaped most of the present party, not the candidate, the shore, or go to early elections”, — quotes the words of Dodona Sputnik Moldova.

He recalled that previously it was proposed to conduct them simultaneously with the presidential election — on 1 November, by sending appropriate document for a judgment in the constitutional court.

Also, the President of Moldova commented on the rumors about the early termination of their powers if the country fails to avoid a government crisis. “Until the end of the mandate, which expires on December 23, unless re-elected the same President, the President remains at his post. To leave the country without a government and without a President — it’s the wrong way. Then it will be total chaos,” said Igor Dodon.

currently, the majority in the Moldovan Parliament consisting of 101 deputies, form the Pro-presidential faction of the party of socialists and the democratic party, whose ranks in recent months have thinned considerably.

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