special Envoy to Moscow

Tuesday 9 April, the crowd gathered in the lobby of the Vakhtangov Theatre. At number 26 of the street, the Arbat, is a pedestrian street and the picturesque in the heart of the district of the same name, the “Montmartre of Moscow”, the building that houses the illustrious company of the shadow to the gift shops. Bombed in 1941, it was rebuilt in 1949 in the style of the stalinist. Foreign tourists are content to observe it from the outside. The Muscovites, and Russians, go to satiate their passion for the theatre. A real institution, like the Comédie-Française theatre, the Vakhtangov Theatre provides throughout the year large parts of the directory. Shakespeare, Racine, Corneille, Molière, Pushkin or Chekhov are here home. Chekhov, in fact, this evening, is to honor. Over 120 years after its creation, Uncle Vanya became a classic. Seed to which its author did not expect.


On the stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre, consisting of the sickle and the hammer, Sergey Makovetskiy don’t play to make you cry in the cottages. His Vanya is almost burlesque at times

In Yalta, on 26 October 1898, Anton Chekhov wrote to his brother Mikhail: “My Uncle.

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