The priest explained what we should pray for the Trinity

on the day of Trinity Christian Orthodox Church celebrates the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles. What we need to pray in this celebration the faithful, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” told by the priest Sergius Ants, rector of the Church of Nobleborn princes Peter and Fevronia of Murom, in the village of Strelna.

“on the day of Pentecost the Church celebrates the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles. The Lord Jesus Christ before the crucifixion, said that he would send the disciples the spirit-Paraclete, and it happened after he ascended to heaven in Jerusalem on the apostles the spirit in tongues of fire, the priest says. In that day the Holy spirit became the Church and all Christians, Orthodox and learned about the Trinity of God — God the father, God the son, and the Holy spirit.”

According to the rector of the Church, that is why Trinity decided to pray about, that we all have been given the grace of the Holy spirit.

“we Need to pray that the Holy spirit bless us and guide us in all our Affairs,” said the priest.

Recall, the Trinity is celebrated on the 50th day after the Passover, in 2020 it falls on 7 June. The Trinity is preceded by a Saturday — one of the memorial days of the year, which go to the cemetery.

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