The priest explained why after the Day of the apostles Peter and Paul to play a wedding and get married

the Day of the apostles Peter and Paul Orthodox believers celebrate on July 12. Traditionally it was believed that from this day in Russia began a period of weddings, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, St. Petersburg, priest Elias Makarov.

“In people’s minds this day is associated with the beginning of wedding season, because before the holiday I should have kept fasting. The period from 12 July to the assumption of the post in mid-August was considered a good wedding time, sowing has already taken place, to collect the harvest not yet necessary. Many adhere to this tradition and now,” said the priest.

Ilya Makarov is also called the Day of the apostles Peter and Paul, the second day of the city of Petersburg, or rather, the angel day. The fact that St. Petersburg was founded in honor of the Apostle Peter, and the clearest evidence of the Peter and Paul fortress is the Cathedral of the apostles Peter and Paul. “It would be wrong to single out one only of the Apostle Peter, as the Eastern Orthodox mind his name is always next to the name of Paul, and icons they are displayed together. They were both Christian missionaries, both died as a Martyr under the Roman Emperor Nero and both are patrons of St. Petersburg”, — said the priest.

According to Elijah Makarova, in the Northern capital, many temples dedicated to these apostles among them is the Cathedral in the Peter and Paul fortress, the Cathedral in the city of Pavlovsk, Petrodvorets. That is why St Petersburg 12 Jul best to visit one of these temples. The main Church celebration will be held at the Cathedral of the Peter and Paul fortress.

“Two years ago specially for the holiday the teacher of the Academy of young singers of the Mariinsky theatre and the Conservatory Hrayr Khanedanian wrote spiritual Opera “Saint Apostle Peter”, which was held on the stage of the Academic Capella. In her stories of Scripture are told in the language of music. Unfortunately, this year due to restrictions we can only show the replay on the TV channel “Soyuz” and on the websites of the Archdiocese and the St. Petersburg Academic Capella, but we invite you to watch,” said the priest.

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