The priest explained why the Vladimir icon of the mother of God is one of the most revered in the Orthodox Church

the Feast of the Mother of God in honour of her Holy Vladimir icon is celebrated in Russia on 6 July. Why Vladimir icon so revered in our country, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said the Ant priest Sergius, the Abbot of the temple Nobleborn princes Peter and Fevronia of Murom, in the village of Strelna.

“This icon is one of the most revered in Russia ancient icons and has a long history. According to legend, it was written by the Evangelist Luke on the table where he partook of food the Holy family — the blessed mother, Joseph the righteous and Savior Jesus Christ,” says the priest.

According to him, the icon refers to the type of icon of the Eleousa, or in Russian- Emotion (the type of image of the Mother of God in Russian icon — the Christ child sitting on her arm and pressed her cheek to hers. — “Rosbalt”). In Jerusalem, the icon was until the mid-fifth century, then to the XII century in Constantinople, when the Patriarch of Constantinople gave it to Yuri Dolgoruky in a sign that Russia established Christianity.

“Then Andrey Bogolyubsky decided to start a new princely centre of Russia, than from Kiev, who declined, and went to Suzdal. He left her in the end in Vladimir — that’s why the icon called the Vladimir. There did for her temple, and in the future, the icon has repeatedly helped the Christian Orthodox Russian people and the princes to overcome various historical disasters. For example, during standing on the Ugra river during the invasion of the Mongols this icon really prayed,” — explains Sergei Muravyev.

According to him, July 6, is not the feast, but simply a great feast in honor of one of the icons of the mother of God.

“It’s the veneration of icons is an Orthodox evidence that the Lord reveals himself through his great saints, through visible signs, historical events. And the presence of these icons and related history from ouracesta shows that God manifests himself in history. And for the Orthodox Christian the icon is the sign that the Lord does not abandon those who did not leave him, and in difficult times, shows his intercession, helps,” said the priest.

Recall, the festival was established in 1480 in memory of saving of Moscow from invasion of Khan Akhmat. In 1480 when Grand Prince Ivan III Vasilyevich Khan of the Golden Horde Ahmad approached the Ugra river, and the day the troops of the Khan and the Prince of Moscow stood opposite each other. In the end, the Prince ordered troops to retreat from the Ugra, thinking to wait for the transition of the Tartars, and his enemies decided that the Russians ambush them, and also began to retreat.

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