The Prime Minister of Armenia and his entire family became infected with the coronavirus

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced that he and all his family members contracted the coronavirus. He said this live on his page in Facebook. Thus, according to him, he had not observed any symptoms of the disease, including fever.

“Yesterday it became known that my test for coronavirus infection was positive. I didn’t have any symptoms, but because I had to go on a trip, decided to take the test. All members of the family tests positive. It is obvious that the members of the family caught it from me,” said Pashinyan.

the Prime Minister informed that he would work from his residence, where it “has all the conditions, all the means of communication”.

Nikol Pashinyan repeated his previous assertion that “we must learn to live with coronavirus infection.”

Statistics of the incidence of coronavirus in Armenia is not too comforting: infected with around 9,300 employees, nearly 3,400 had recovered, died at 130. Despite this, on may 18 in the Republic significantly reduced quarantine.

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