“He used to say that I know better the lyrics of his songs than him”, smiled, not without pride, Nicolas Sarkozy in 2001. His relationship with Johnny, it was serious. A member of the cabinet of Nicolas Sarkozy, then president of the Republic, says that the family Hallyday made use of and abused of this complicity, in order to obtain special rights.

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“They have sought us out permanently”, one can read in The ballad of Johnny and Laeticia , the work of the reporter from Paris Match Benjamin Locoge published on 21 November. “To the cousin, the woman of the household, the visa of the grand-mother, the taxes… You can not imagine how much we’ve helped them”. The subject is elusive, but the accusation, to be serious enough. Up where Nicolas Sarkozy a-t-he facility reports of Johnny Hallyday with the inland revenue? The testimony does not say that.

Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday, married in 1996 by Nicolas Sarkozy, then the mayor of Neuilly, had stormy relations with the tax administration. The singer would have travelled a lot to escape from him. In 2005, it had attempted to obtain the belgian nationality, before retracting. In 2006, he took up residence in Gstaad, in Switzerland, accused of wanting to enjoy taxation more fresh that is found in these mountains. Los Angeles became his principal residence in 2011.

“How many times Nicolas Sarkozy has been woken in the middle of the night by a Johnny who was worried about his taxes!”, if unworthy, yet this former member of the presidential cabinet, who wished to remain anonymous. The image of Nicolas Sarkozy reassuring to the combined help of his friend, the heavy lids of sleep without pyjama – like the unveiled Carla Bruni 2014, can lend to laugh.

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“Johnny was the first to return his jacket”

The insistence of Johnny Hallyday, Benjamin Locoge imputes to the concern of the musician, who felt his end near and wanted to ensure a strong future for Jade, Joy and his wife.

“When Nicolas Sarkozy lost the election in 2012, Johnny was the first to return his jacket, to no longer support it, remembers with bitterness the same source. While the president had done everything he could to respond to his requests, the more incongruent”.

Johnny Hallyday was officially supported Nicolas Sarkozy in his bid for the 2007 presidential. In 2014, the relationship was visibly distended. “I no longer believe too much in Sarkozy, had imparted to the rocker. Like many people, he has disappointed me”.

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Laeticia Hallyday, too, would have knocked on the door of the new president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. In the same book, the journalist Benjamin Locoge says that the widow of Johnny demanded of the Palace that he’s to meet the exorbitant fees of the heartfelt homage to her late husband. But according to the lawyers of Laeticia, it would only be a rumour…

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