The jury Medici unveiled the list of novels selected for their prize which will be handed out on 8 November. Santiago H. Amigorena ( The Ghetto Inside , ed POL) is a good start for the grand slam, since he already appears on the list of the Renaudot and the Goncourt (he has just won also the prix des Libraires de Nancy).

The editions of the Threshold, absent from the list Goncourt, have three novels in the selection Medici. Grasset has two, as well as POL and Flammarion. Gallimard, three. Actes Sud and Albin Michel are not represented.

note that the big publishers are largely present on this list, so that the Goncourt is the best of the small and medium publishers. Among the first novels include the Victor Jestin, The Heat (ed Flammarion) which we hear so much and which has also attracted the eye of the jury Renaudot.

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Among the authors shortlisted for the Prix Médicis Etranger, note Manuel Vilas, to Ordesa (ed’s basement), very noticed in this new school year.

the jury of The Medici, is composed of Marianne Alphant, Michel Braudeau, Marie Darrieussecq, Dominique Fernandez, Anne Garreta, Patrick Grainville, Andrei Makine, Frédéric Mitterrand, Pascale Roze, and Alain Veinstein.

15 French novels

The Ghetto Inside, Santiago H. Amigorena (ed POL)

Day of courage, Brigitte Giraud (ed Flammarion)

Pink desert , Violaine Huisman (ed Gallimard)

The great deer, Claudie Hutzinger (ed Grasset)

The Heat , Victor, Jestin (ed Flammarion)

temptation Luke Lang (ed Stock)

Quarrel , Kevin Lambert (ed The New Attila)

Protocol Housekeeper , Guillaume Lavenant (ed Shores)

The red-Eye, Myriam Leroy (ed Threshold)

Cora in the spiral, Vincent Message (ed Threshold)

My ancestor Fish, Christine Montalbetti (ed POL)

Jungle red Jean-Noël Orengo (ed Grasset)

Eden , Monica Sabolo (ed Gallimard)

sun-in-exile, Jean-François Samlong (ed Gallimard, Continents noirs”)

And the shadow takes its travelers, Marine Tince (ed Threshold)

The 13 novels foreign :

break, Nina Allan, translated by Bernard Sigaud (ed Tristram)

A book of martyrs, american, Joyce Carol Oates, translated by Claude Seban (ed Philippe Rey)

Solenoid , Mircea Cartarescu, translated by Laure Hinckel (ed Black on White)

And turn the wheel, Selahattin Demirtas, translated by Emmanuelle Collas-Heddeland (ed Emmanuelle Collas)

The Twin H, Giorgio Falco, translated by Louise Boudonnat (ed Verdier)

The great kingdom of shadows, Arno Geiger, translated by Olivier Le Lay (ed Gallimard)

Estuary , Lidia Jorge, translated by Marie-Hélène Piwnik (ed Métailié)

Faserlan d , Christian Kracht, translated by Corinna Gepner (ed Phebus)

Kintu, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, translated by Céline Schwaller (ed Métailié)

Miss Iceland, Auður Ava Olafsdottir, translated by Eric Boury (ed Zulma)

What we sow, Regina Bear, translated by Laura Derajinski (ed Gallimard)

Girl , Edna O’brien, translated by Aude de Saint-Loup and Pierre-Emmanuel Dauzat (ed Sabine Wespieser)

Ordesa , Manuel Vilas, translated by Isabelle Gugnon (ed’s basement)