Immortal Labiche. It is sometimes forgotten that the brilliant dramatist was a member of the French Academy, when his successor Feydeau was not. Vaudevilliste very verbose, Eugène Labiche is more known for his “pochades”, that we would call more willingly today’s “comedies of manners”. The Prize does not come out of the lot (160 pieces written!) in making a portrait, funny and fierce, the middle classes of his time – the second part of the Nineteenth century – in situations variety of preposterous figures.

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it All begins at la Ferté-sous-Jouarre. A small village of Seine-et-Marne today an hour by train from Paris, probably much more foreign to the capital in the 1860s. A group of notable playing cards. Nothing that their name – “C”- make laugh: around the table, Champbourcy, Colladan, Cordenbois, Cocarel, Chalamel to deposit a penny to each party. Over the years, the group is a nice prize pool. Instead of offering up a chicken stuffed (the votes are tight), they dare to adventure, and decide to marry in Paris.

Whip check, and our petty bourgeois of province eating on the terrace on the Grands Boulevards. The slice of melon is to 1 franc, what a boon! Madame is not coming to the shops: she will finally be able to meet the mysterious lover with whom she maintained a correspondence. Another dream is it to buy a deck. To make a good figure, a third goes back to its overweight at chest height thanks to an ingenious belt. Funny silhouette.

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The text of Labiche imposes a rhythm of hell. Fortunately, the actors of the Ice, The Potyviruses do not lack of breath. Not the time to think of a possible moral, it isn’t. If this is a bag of tickets an embarrassment to both the bourgeois and adultery. In a turn of the Vaudeville, who starts to make money-after the love – one of his favourite themes, the staging, hardly modernized by Thierry Jahn remains effective.

The thunderous Christophe Lemoine (fabulous doubler Cartman in South Park ) leads a voice of a thousand hues. The public discovers even his talents as a saxophonist. Celine Ronté, in the role of the spurned lover, wears the same hairstyle improbable and the same strange sense of appropriateness. All agree perfectly, up to meet to sing arias from operettas ridiculous. Because everything has no meaning in this crossing of Paris, furious, and it happens even to lose themselves in the situations bent of Labiche, if foolish, and so foolishly interpreted that we prefer to follow the obvious enjoyment of the actors to make the zouaves.

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