Rambo, Die Hard and Terminator lose their producer. The American-Hungarian Andrew G. Vajna, known under the name of Andy Vajna to its blockbuster movies of the 80’s, died at age 74 at his home in Budapest, “after a long illness”, announced Sunday the national fund for films (NFA).

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Born in Budapest on August 1, 1944, Andy Vajna left Hungary with his family after the uprising against the communist regime, crushed by the Soviets in 1956. After a stopover in Hong Kong, he arrived in Canada, and the United States, where he embarks in the world of cinema. With Mario Kassar, his partner in the production company Carolco, he becomes a producer who went on to commercial success: Rambo, Terminator, Basic Instinct, Total Recall, Angel Heart … After a quarantine of films produced on the territory of the united states, he returned to Hungary permanently in the years 2000. Close ally of prime minister Viktor Orban, he was commissioner of State to the cinema since 2011.

Nicknamed in his country “Mister Cinema”, it is to those who have helped to make Budapest, including through fiscal measures, a capital of the cinema, where are the tours of many international productions.

It is not known if Rambo , Die Hard or Terminator were filmed in Budapest (there was still a small idea on the question but we needed a transition), but this announcement is the opportunity for us to provide you with our favorite songs of these three films.

This selection subjectively assumed has been performed by (in order of appearance) Julien Boudisseau, Stanislaus kenneth chalmers and Lucas Latil.

First snippet: Rambo . This scene occurs at the end of the 2nd opus of the saga produced by Andy Vajna (as a reminder, the lining of Sylvester Stalone is the work of Alain Dorval):

Vajna also produced Terminator 3 . Remember:

If he had Terminator 2 (it would have been more convenient for our selection), we would have obviously suggested this scene:

Finally, Andrew G. Vajna has mounted Die hard 3 which we have chosen this perfect scene. The third installment of the Saga, directed like the first by John McTiernan, was left up to the fundamental measurement of the action scenes and humor. The cantankerous John McClane (Bruce Willis) decked out in his famous marcel and his sidekick camped by Samuel L. Jackson) must stop a suicide bomber (the all-too-rare Jeremy Irons) who goes crazy in the streets of New York: