The Professor spoke about the special dangers of swallowing batteries

Professor and head, Department of endoscopic research FGAU SMRC child Health, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Maxim lokhmatov commented on the event in the Bryansk region, where 12-year-old girl died after swallowing a small battery from the car keychain.

As reported by “MK”, the girl swallows a week before death. Due to the fact that the dangerous subject had been in the esophagus for as long depressurization batteries and developed a severe deep burns of the mucous membrane. The result was a torn aorta and doctors do not have time to stop the bleeding.

the Doctor warned about the exceptional danger of even the smallest of batteries if swallowed. The batteries are the items that should be removed in the first forty minutes or the first hour maximum. Under the action of the digestive juices begins to disrupt the integrity of the battery and starts to leak of acid or alkali. “No matter finger or round it, and that can cause the tightness. Battery-dangerous mouth, dangerous in the esophagus, in the stomach. If the battery is located in the gastrointestinal tract for more than an hour, the doctor-endoscopist need to get it in the operating room, in the presence of a surgeon”, — said Maxim lokhmatov.

If you remove the battery immediately, 95% of the time consequences for the child will not, but then the risks grow with every minute.

“Parents need to be very careful. At the slightest suspicion to take the child in his arms, to run and do x-rays. The 100% show the presence of a foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract,” said the Professor.

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