The prosecution asked for the Karelian historian Dmitriev 15 years in prison

the Prosecution in the Karelian court has requested for a well-known historian, the head of the Karelian “Memorial” Yuri Dmitriev 15 years of imprisonment. As the “Petrozavodsk Says,” this was reported to journalists at the Petrozavodsk city court where behind closed doors the case is heard, the lawyer of the defendant Yury Anufriev.

He said that today started debate of the parties, and the Prosecutor asked for Dmitrieva 15 years of imprisonment.

Yury Dmitriev was detained in December 2016 because of pictures of his daughter in the Nude. The historian explained that thus monitors the status of the health of girls. In April 2018, the court acquitted the activist under article “Manufacturing and distributing child pornography” and “Indecent assault”. At the same time he received the punishment for possession of parts of firearms. 14 August 2018 the Supreme court of Karelia canceled the decision of a lower court and sent the case for retrial. Later, in September 2018, the second criminal case about sexual violence against Dmitrieva, was transferred to the court. According to investigators, Yuri Dmitriev from 2012 to 2016 committed violent sexual acts against his minor stepdaughter.

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