The Prosecutor called the head of the municipality, which reports on violations in hospitals of St. Petersburg

the head of MO “Harbour” in St. Petersburg Nellie Avelino was again summoned to the Prosecutor’s office for questioning. The check is carried out for publications in social networks.

the Complaint was filed by the chief of the Hospital for war veterans Maksim Kabanov. He was not satisfied with the statements of Vavilina about the situation in the sponsored institutions. Thus, the document referred to posts about improper storage of personal protective equipment in hospital, and also about the flood in the bathroom “Lenexpo”.

“not a single word of lies, misinformation there. Everything is based on the facts I double-checked, based on several sources. I’m still a grown man to have put themselves fake news. Moreover, the problem is serious and concerns of life and death, including in a situation with personal protective equipment. Most interesting is that the next day, as I had information laid out, the problem was solved, immediately action was taken,” — said the correspondent of “Rosbalt” Vavilina.

According to her, the conversation with the Prosecutor was correct. The head of the municipality said the essence of the claims to the leadership of the Hospital for war veterans and said about the reliability of the published information.

additionally, this is not the first case when Nellie Vavilina call the Prosecutor’s office for complaints of Maxim Kabanov. Institutions that sponsored the Hospital for veterans of wars, regularly come to the attention of the media and the public for complaints of physicians and patients.

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