The Prosecutor's office explained that is often hidden under the guise of

throughout Russia will be audited firms and enterprises engaged in the organization of children’s rest. Instructions to regional prosecutors gave the public Prosecutor Igor Krasnov, the press service of the Supervisory authority.

Prosecutors will assess the legality of the activities of organizations providing services in the field of children’s activities, including through the Internet.

according to the report, often the company under the provision of services related to summer holiday and improvement of children, offer other types of children’s leisure. This sports camps, competitions, contests, seminars, festivals, excursions. ON this holiday children are often placed in conventional hotels and private houses, bases of rest, where there is necessary infrastructure. Children eat in local cafes and other such establishments. Children’s safety is not secured properly, said the Prosecutor’s office.

Such “offers” children’s activities in many cases are connected with evasion from execution of sanitary norms and rules, and in order to avoid state control.

Recall that in 2019, the prosecutors stopped the activities of more than 100 organizations and individuals providing services in the field of recreation and health of children with numerous violations of sanitary-epidemiological, fire-prevention, anti-terrorist and labour legislation.

Earlier, the Ministry of education reported that about 5 million children will be able to relax in the camps this year. Shifts will begin late — July 1, because of the situation with coronavirus.

in the PCT stated that many children’s camps this summer, don’t expect to open because of the uncertainty with coronavirus recommendations of the CPS and due to the lack of state support. Assessed the situation as the press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina.

Tyurina said: now it is important to obtain from the government a clear and workable regulations, what to do if someone of the kids is sick with coronavirus. This regulation requires the priorbut to discuss with representatives of the tourist industry. She stressed that the camp is not ready to commit yourself to take the initiative and responsibility without explanation. So many people immediately decide not to open.

CPS has published guidelines for working camps in the context of pandemic coronavirus. So, the camps will open no earlier than the third phase of the lifting of restrictions. Parents can send children only to those camps that are located in the region of residence. Children living in cities of Federal significance, can relax in the RF subjects bordering them.

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