The psychiatrist told how to distinguish fear from panic attacks

the psychiatrist of Victoria Jaganova told about the consequences of chronic stress, which occurs in isolation.

the program “On the most important” she explained, than fear is different from panic. According to her, if the fear — “this is a normal feeling to help us to mobilize”, the “panic — high range of emotions which are unnatural, man spins themselves”.

According to the doctor, due to the fact that people have no experience of the pandemic coronavirus, the brain starts stimulates the panic and anxiety. Radanova noted that such symptoms of panic as the fear of the unknown, control of emotions, despair and the desire to control the situation lead to panic attacks.

In this regard, the expert advises people to relax, to take deep breaths and relax. “Two months in isolation is a stressful situation,” admitted the doctor, adding that due to chronic stress can be migraine, ulcer of the stomach and intestines, and also sexual dysfunction.

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