The psychologist explained how to behave with sick loved ones

the Psychologist gave some advice on how to talk with loved ones if they got sick.

Natalya Podlesnaya noted that the standard phrases like, “don’t worry” or “all is well” can sound false and unconvincing. But we should not remain silent. Better to frankly admit that you don’t know how to help but want to do it, writes С

Show that you understand the seriousness of the situation and are ready to be there, but do not give recommendations for treatment, if you are not a doctor. If possible, help to find good professionals, offer to go together to the hospital.

Remind them that at any moment ready to sit with the family, to help with concrete actions to correct pillow, and feed, to bring products. Relatives will appreciate if you will take over some daily duties or do something that will help them not to fall out of “normal life.”

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