The pulmonologist called drugs that may be excluded from the recommendations for treatment COVID-19

the Chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Sergey Avdeev stated that the hydroxychloroquine can be deleted from the recommendations of the office for treatment COVID-19.

According to him, reports the Agency “Moscow”, “drug is any effects, in particular, in studies that presented our British colleagues”. “The mortality was exactly the same — without hydroxychloroquine or him,” — said Avdeev at the round table “the Epidemic is retreating: what are the results and new knowledge acquired by mankind? Ready for a new flash?”.

the Doctor also said that from the clinical recommendations of inefficiencies can remove drugs such as lopinavir and ritonavir.

Total in Russia since the beginning of the epidemic was confirmed 789 190 thousand cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. Victims COVID-19 12 745 people, recovered 572 thousand 53 people.

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