The queue at the traffic police caused the indignation of St. Petersburg (video)

the building of the traffic police in St. Petersburg, a crowd of people wanting to pass your driving exam. Eyewitnesses shared on social media live from the event.

St. Petersburg traffic police. The health of the citizens? No. A huge time line in which people can each other to give? Yes!

On the website of the public admission exam not recorded and people crowded the entrance to the garages, allowed of 10.

But no mask will fine you.

— fat’yanova Irina (@irmachinsky) June 5, 2020

“Like in the good old nineties. We have public services not normally accept, for example, statements on delivery of theoretical examination, and therefore, in MREO of traffic police, the highway Revolution, 85, Saint Petersburg, wild place from so many people,” protested the author of the video.

Eyewitnesses write that inside let ten people.

according to the staff, outside are close more than 30 residents. The mask is not all.

Recall that in Petersburg there is a rule about mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment. Masks and gloves will be needed in enclosed spaces and on public transport. Citizens must respect a distance of 1.5 meters.

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