The Rabbi urged Jews not to serve in the army, leaving the Russian

well-Known Israeli Rabbi Yitzhak Barda in his speech said that military service should not distract the faithful Jews from the study of religion.

According to him, the Jews are in any case can not be conscripted into the IDF (the Israeli army) and his people they must keep “good deeds and keeping the commandments.”

the Rabbi asked to take on service only Russian or non-religious people. However, he noted that secular people are “the lowest”.

“to Serve in the IDF is impossible. Impossible. There are eight million, the majority of Russian. Let they serve. Why take the Jews, who must keep the Jewish people studying Torah, keeping the commandments and good deeds?” — said the Rabbi bard.

Video of the performance appeared on Twitter journalist portal Walla Yaki Alamkara. However, many later said that the Rabbi’s words were taken out of context, as it has always been “an ardent supporter of conscription into the IDF.”

הרב יצחק ברדא מאשקלון באמירות חריפות על גיוס לצה”ל: “אין היתר להתגייס. אסור. יש לך 8 million web, רובם רוסים. שהם יהיו. מה אתה דווקא צריך יהודים? החילונים? הם הכי שפלים”.

— יקי אדמקר (@YakiAdamker) July 10, 2020

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