Their latest album, the legend , is out there a little more than two years, but they should make their return on the front of the stage very soon. Not very talkative on social networks, NLP bewildered Twitter, Thursday evening, at the corner of a tweet enigmatic: “It happens…”

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A tweet that reassures and confirms to the publication that Ademo was published in mid-February, where he explained to “the mif” (their community), that the duo has worked hard the past year and took the opportunity to thank their fans.

“We prepare byes (sic.) since a good good time! Last year it was the coal but you can’t see it normal… in Short, I want to thank you for your strength”, one can read under the picture.

Then, at the end of the post, a hashtag among many others: #PasDeCinémaQuandOnRevient

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The mif you have the habit of our demise but it is a bit like in dbz when san goku and vegeta put themselves in their bubble to come back even stronger, We prepare the byes for a good time ! Last year ca was coal but it you can’t see it normal … in short, I want to thank you for your strength thank my brothers, who are not all on the photos for their energy and their sincerity ! Thank my mif for their love and thank god for EVERYTHING!!! Brief truces of ballivernes #PasDeCinemaQuandOnRevient #OnTordEtOnReTord #PutainDeRapDeMerde #LeMondeEtMemeSonSystemeSolaire #IBD

A publication that is shared by NLP (@ademoofficiel) on 12 Feb. 2019 at 8 :24 PST

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The two brothers have the habit of playing with the nerves of their fans by posting any kind of messages enigmatic compounds of indices and a variety, about possible projects. Yet on Wednesday, they were clear and had launched an appeal on Twitter to try to find a beatmaker (designer rhythm), which sent them an instrumental. “In search of the guy that sent us this pu***n prod”, read the tweet, since deleted, but that the French Plug has managed to save. Inside, the sound in question and an e-mail, to contact them.

they found this mysterious beatmaker? It is Impossible to know. After trying to contact them, NLP has not given favorable response. It will need some patience before discovering this new album, whose release could be imminent.