The rapist and murderer of a little girl in the Crimea was her godfather

the Man who raped and killed a six year old daughter of his friend in the Crimea, was the godfather of the dead girl.

the Investigative Committee on Wednesday showed the 39-year-old resident of the village of Lenino charged with rape and murder of a minor.

Day may 31 father took his daughter fishing and began to drink with friends. In the evening a close friend of the girl’s father and her godfather offered to accompany the child home. Drunk father agreed. On the way, near the North-Crimean canal the villain attacked the girl, raped and pushed into the water channel, and the victim drowned.

the Suspect was arrested and pleaded guilty, telling details.

it Turned out that this man has repeatedly convicted for theft, death threats, attempted rape, and the last time was released from prison only a year ago.

Against the girl’s father was prosecuted for abandonment of a child in danger, he was detained. Except for the killer, investigators want to arrest my father.

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